Why google is better than microsoft bing

Do you know why me and majority of people in the world still prefer to search in Google despite all the NSA transparency and the rivals in the market like Bing and Yahoo !? Because Google has more results and they are more accurate !

Bing and his partner Yahoo have two major problems and without fixing them, they can’t compete with Google ! The number of websites that are in their database and also the amount of webpages they crawl from each website is far less than Google. Also the backlinks they index are not very accurate and desirable. They index lots of backlinks even if the links are no-follow or the quality is low. But why those black hat seo guys don’t exploit Bing as much as they try to do Google !? Simple answer, because it takes years for Bing to crawl and index your website or even renew it, so you don’t count on it ! It’s good to rank high in Bing, but it’s not a compulsion. I see websites that have hundred thousand of results in Google, but Bing has indexed only handful of result ! 10 or 20 maximum ! I do have instances like that. One of my websites has 42K results in Google, but only 14 in Bing !!! That’s not even comparable…

I don’t know the exact problem they have indexing, but maybe they don’t have resources as much as Google has or maybe their technology don’t let them index that huge amount of data, as I have very bad memories of Microsoft’s products in the field of programming and developing like SQL Server !!! What ever the problem is, it has to be fixed if they seek users and advertisers in the market. I personally don’t like the current Google’s monopoly in the market and want Bing and yahoo to grow. I also think Yahoo should share more resources with Bing in this field and continue working with Microsoft.

They should spend some money after all !!!

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